Savings & Advantages: MAGHACK mag connector kits save space and money. Carrying a MAGHACK kit in your gear allows you to easily convert two mags to one really high-capacity mag-- for those times when you need extra firepower. For a fraction of the cost of other high-capacity magazines, you can buy a MAGHACK kit and use your existing mags and have a 60 or 80 round mag. It just makes sense to have options like MAGHACK.
Ordering: Online Credit/ Debit Card payments and payments are the only forms of payment we accept.

Shipping & Tracking: Orders are ordinarily shipped within three business days. Orders received after 1500 EST are treated as if they were received the next business day. Only continental USA orders are accepted at this time. Orders are shipped by UPS or USPS. Expedited shipping is not available at this time. Generally, tracking numbers are sent to the email on file with your payment funding source.

For now, MAGHACK does not ship outside the USA or to the following states: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Washington D.C.

Guarantee & Returns: With your purchase, you receive a 7-day money-back guarantee. Include a note with your return explaining the reason. Shipping and handling paid at purchase and return are not refunded. Shipping and handling fees are deducted from refunds.

Safety & Instructions: Alway wear eye and face protection during MAGHACK assembly and use.

Remove base plates from magazines. Use included emory board to slightly bevel all mating surface corners and edges that will slide where the two magazines will be connected. If molded features on outside of magazines interfere with proper seating of MAGHACK, then remove molded features by abrading with emory board. Mating faces of magazines should be lightly abraded to make them more flat. Place the keeper loop on the clamp. Insert followers, springs, and spring bases. Hold the magazines together; place the two MAGHACK halves on left and right sides of the assembly. Secure the MAGHACK halves with the clamp. When the clamp is secure but not fully tight, position the MAGHACK halves onto level centered locations on both sides of the assembly. Fully tighten the clamp with excess clamp length inserted in the keeper loop. Tighten the clamp until the follower binds slightly at the joint; then, back off the pressure by loosening the clamp just enough to allow the follower to slide through the joint.

To reiterate, springs should fully compress allowing the follower to pass the joint where the MAGHACK kit is installed. If there is binding at the joint, then the clamp is too tight. Loosen the clamp just enough to allow the follower to smoothly pass through the joint where the magazines meet.

Finish the assembly by covering the MAGHACK connection with tape.

Small gaps between connected magazines are acceptable; spring force and the clamp action of the installed MAGHACK kit keep the assembly rigid.

Final capacity may vary with mag type and installer. MAGHACK kits may double capacity, but generally total is:
QtyWithMagHack = QtyMag1 + QtyMag2 - 1
So, two 30-round mags would give you 59-round capacity.

Spring Physics: There is no risk of deforming the magazine lips by using two springs in the MAGHACK assembly. Two springs in series does not equal twice the force. Two 30-round magazines in series and fully loaded exert that same force on the lips of the magazine as one 30-round magazine fully loaded.

However, when two 30-round magazines in series are partially loaded, less force is applied to the lips than if one 30-round magazine is partially loaded. This result is counterintuitive but true. Thus, no damage to the lips will occur in excess of normal damage/creep produced when normally loading one magazine. Composite magazine lips are always under stress when fully loaded.

Legality: Firearm magazines are typically called feeding devices. MAGHACK provides a kit to connect two magazines, or feeding devices. MAGHACK is not aware of laws that prohibit owning kits of this nature. Still, at this time, MAGHACK does not ship to certain jurisdictions.

Purchaser should check local, state, national and international law to see what conditions exist. ITAR restrictions may apply. Purchaser is responsible for knowing and adhering to governing laws.

Intellectual Property: MAGHACK is the pioneer in magazine connectors that use two identical magazines to double capacity by connecting the magazines at their bases to make one continuous tube/ body. Magazine extenders exist, but there are no other products that are designed to connect magazines as MAGHACK does.

MAGHACK is in the process of legally protecting (through patent(s)) the design of feeding device connectors that increase uninterrupted capacity. Some MAGHACK designs are found on this site, but some MAGHACK designs are not found on this site. Designs include both separate clamps and integrated clamps. Clamp designs also vary to include ratcheting and snap type fastening systems et al. Custom injection molded designs are also part of MAGHACK's design inventory.

Contact: s @ | 20 West 1st South, #210, Rexburg, ID, 83440, USA

Terms and Conditions: By making a purchase, purchaser certifies his age to be 18 years or older, certifies that he is responsible for knowing applicable laws and agrees to abide by said laws.

Further, by making a purchase, the purchaser accepts that installed MAGHACK kits require permanent modification of subject feeding devices and agrees to not hold MAGHACK or MAGHACK owners liable for voiding related product warranties and guarantees or damaging subject feeding devices.

Further, the purchaser of MAGHACK products agrees to use eye and face protection during assembly and use of MAGHACK products and agrees to not hold MAGHACK or MAGHACK owners liable for possible injuries or collateral damage. Further, the purchaser of MAGHACK products agrees to enforce eye and face protection of observers during assembly and use of MAGHACK products.

Further, the purchaser of MAGHACK products understands and accepts that product design and appearance are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Orders to restricted locations will be cancelled, and a cancellation fee of $1.00 will be charged, and the balance of the order cost will be refunded. For now, MAGHACK does not ship outside the USA or to the following states (i.e. these are restricted locations): California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Washington D.C.

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